Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stacks so far & more D4P

Quilt top so far - only one more row to go ;-)

my arty shot ;-)

Here are some more D4P I have made for March

Making a total of 4 blocks submitted

I love the way this looks up close ;-)

I don't have any more reds, but I have some different white on whites.  Since just about everyone will be using different white on whites, would it be allowed to use the same red fabrics I have used already, but combine them with different white on whites?  Maybe this is a question I should direct to Sophie ;-)

Oh, hearts are in the post too ;-)


  1. The WOW (white on white) you use doesn't matter--each block must have a unique red fabric. I've added your 2 blocks to the list, making 4 for you this month, right?

    Thanks for the update on your string hearts and your stacks quilt. It's really looking pretty wonderful!

  2. thanks sophie - hopefully, some more reds will pop up - it is only the 5th of the month ;-)

  3. Your quilt top looks great! If only there were some way to keep that flower there permanently. :)
    Cheri in Champaign


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