Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One to start with...

Actually, I did make 9 blocks in the sneak peek, but looking back at them, some of them seem like very red purples, so I think I will hold them back and see if I have some time to make a few more with less reddish purples. Some of the ones I made are probably ok, but...


  1. I think that those purples of yours are probably OK, too. We're striving for color awareness, not perfection this month.

    While you think about it, I'll add this block to the list.

  2. Sophie, count it as one for the moment (donated, please) - I will let you know later in the month how many I will have as a grand total. As you know, I am making serious scrapbusting efforts this year, so it won't pain me to have to make a few more blocks...


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