Thursday, December 1, 2011


Congratulations to the November winners. I was hoping one would have been me, but I did win the September curved rails. I am glad that Sophie found a way to make the winners non-repeaters .
Stay tuned for a preview of my curved rail project. There are only 2 borders left to go on, and other than one major mistake (try to find it after I post) I love the way it is turning out!
Again CONGRATULATIONS to the November winners. Happy sewing.


  1. Gwen, I did NOT "find a way to make the winners non-repeaters." Most of the winners have won lotto blocks in the past and, in fact, one of them won lotto blocks last month.

  2. One person just cannot win 2 sets of blocks in the same month...

  3. I Love making blocks and sharing them with other quilters who love them as much as I do one would continue to make blocks if there wasn't the possibility of them winning the next month, right? :)

  4. Wrong ;-)

    Believe it or not, when the block lotto started, a winner had to finish a quilt from their blocks before they were eligible to win again ... and quilters still made blocks. But then, when someone was going to HAND quilt their lotto quilt, it seemed unfair to make them finish, so you only had to complete a top.

    Like some other rules/practices that didn't scale well when the number of people grew, because it took lot of effort for me to keep track of whether or not a winner had used their blocks, I dropped the rule.

  5. oh, i would really be in trouble if I had to finish a quilt before I could win again. I always have about 20 quilts in the works. :)


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