Thursday, December 1, 2011

There will be a slight delay ...

One of our winners DID send me email on Monday to let me know that she was flying yesterday and wouldn't be available via email until she lands ...

I am pretty confident that the address I have for her is correct . . . unless she has moved since she won blocks late last year.  But, since I didn't see her message until this morning, I wasn't able to double check her mailing address with her, nor find out how many of her own blocks she'd like to keep.

Because she DID the RIGHT THING and the error is mine (or my mail program ;-) I'd like to wait for email confirmation of her address before sending out the Mailing Info for the November blocks.

I don't know if she took her blocks with her when she traveled to the other side of the world and planned to mail them from there, but I'm guessing she'll choose to keep her own blocks.

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