Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fireworks/asterisks mailed

I mailed to Janet, Linda, and Andra I think it was life has gotten extremly crazy because my Mom and dad bought a "new" house, 63 miles away and we have been getting it fixed up. Thought I was done when I finished painting last Monday, b ut knew Mom wanted the kitchen redone sometime down the road. Well, she happened upon cabinets at a garage sale that were most of what was needed...and my Brother came up Saturday to see what it would take and we ended up doing demolition and planning a much improved layout. So this week I am doing construction work....will I ever get back to my sewing machine and some quilt blocks? I hope to before the month is out!


  1. I know your mother appreciates all you are doing for her, but ... WOW! A remodeled kitchen at the drop of a hat? You're good.

  2. You are very, very good! How wonderful that you know how to do these things!


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