Tuesday, August 10, 2010

log cabin Roses Aug 2010

Hi, I have finally managed to make 9 roses. It was somewhat challenging as I was trying to use up scraps. I discovered many of the scraps were not big enough to fill the space intended, but I got the job done.

There is a picture of a liberated basket quilt by Gwen Marsden in the Sept. issue of the magazine by American Quilters Association.


  1. I think you really conquered the challenge--your roses are lovely. With yours and Wendy's (whichever Wendy it is), we now have a total of 86 roses ... which is enough for TWO WINNERS!

  2. Ps. For me, the roses that I thought were going to turn out great were NOT necessarily the ones that DID turn out great. I think it's an interesting learning experience to make these blocks ;-)


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