Monday, August 9, 2010

scholarly quilt website

I just happened on a link to a scholarly website maintained by Michigan State University, called "the Quilt Index". It contains photos and history about quilts maintained in public and private hands.
Here is the link:

Linda big D

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  1. The quilt index is a really cool site. You can search by quilt/block name to find things ... and you'll usually find a few interesting setting ideas using the same block/design.

    The application was developed at MSU, but the Quilt Index is actually a joint effort of a few organizations, including the Alliance for American Quilts. I recently read herethat they just received a major grant.

    The Great Lakes Quilt Consortium IS located at Michigan State University. I've been on a tour and it's amazing. We unwrapped one of the collection--the infamous The Sun sets on Sunbonnet Sue quilt. (The link goes to the quilt and many detail photos--it's such a wonderful, irreverent quilt!)


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