Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oh, fiddle sticks...

...(and other expletives)

I was just sitting here having a conversation with myself:
...Well done for finishing another 4 blocks
... That seemed much easier to find bright fabrics than for the trees
... I could have used some of these fabrics for the trees, why didn't I?
... Oh that's right they were too small to wash first as they might fray too much
... wash?  washwash?  Where did that word come from?
... Oh *&^%$£  - I forgot to wash the fabrics for the stacks!!!

So apologies to all, can I withdraw the 3 stacks already entered, and I'll go and wash some lovely brights and get and wash some more white, and start again for January's blocks



  1. Ugh ... how I hate it when I remember something too late.

    Yes, I'll take your blocks off the list.


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