Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Setting Idea, a Lotto-inspired Doll Quilt

I put this together today.

Wonky Fly Doll Quilt (Top)

The top is Doll quilt-sized, only 18 by 24 inches. Almost none of the blocks are square, nor are all of them the same size, but they're all between  3 and 4 inches. You can read more about it, here: Waste Not, Want Not.

I wanted to try a strippy setting. I can imagine our much bigger blocks being set like this, probably with wider vertical panels, maybe in an interesting flower print?


  1. What a sweet quilt. I loved the rose blocks on your other page as well.

  2. Thanks. I woke up this morning not liking it so much. I'm going to let it sit a while before quilting and see how I feel about it ... after I finish the rest of the rose blocks ;-)

  3. One of the caregivers at my mom's recently had a baby - you have inspired me to make a 'doll sized' quilt for her boy. I've been putting the cut off corners in a bag - now I will use them!

    : )

  4. I love your little quilt. How about using a flower-print-stripe for your vertical rows next time. Just a thought.

  5. Pat, I like that idea. I'm still not totally in love with this little top–don't be surprised if you see a revised version.


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