Friday, April 2, 2010

Blocks on the Way from June

I went to post office this AM and mailed the blocks to Carrie, Dianah, and Pat.

I had messed up with my leaning and had one extra block - so I had my own lottery - Pat is getting the extra block. I am a winner this month and figured I could make any additional blocks that I might need using the material I already have - am so looking forward to seeing the blocks some of you have made 'in person'.

I'm learning so much from these monthly challenges - thank you again Sophie.

: )


  1. Thx June, I'll look out for your squishie. I, too, made an extra block due to leaning issues, so I won my own lottery! Glad Pat gets an extra one :) You're sweet.

  2. June,
    I fun, I won again! This surely has been my lucky month! I look forward to your package arriving.


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